Monday, August 26, 2013

100 Practical Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate

Pat O'Connor, the owner of The Veritas Real Estate Group, has just published her latest book "100 Practical Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate."

Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial property, 100 Practical Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate can help you negotiate the best deal, avoid paying unnecessary fees and maximize your profits. Learn about the possible pitfalls of foreclosure auctions, and ways to obtain creative financing for your purchases. Read about tax deductions and tax shelters. The author generously shares what she’s learned from years of working with the public and other real estate licensees. Pay attention to her advice and warnings and then proceed more confidently in your real estate transactions.

In addition to providing helpful advice to the public, the author shines a light on some questionable practices that are common in the industry. In her opinion, the majority of these occurrences arise from greed, laziness or criminal intent. Her opinions are likely to cause a backlash from licensees who actively engage in these behaviors, but that’s OK. Discussion is a good thing, and her motives are pure. Once consumers are aware of the policies, they are in a better position to decide if they wish to tolerate the status quo. Knowledge is power, and the public is in the driver’s seat.

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