Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Florida scuba divers get ready to hunt lobster

Scuba divers get ready! Two days of lobster hunting is about to start. At 12:01 Wednesday morning through midnight Thursday, divers are allowed to bag 6 lobsters each per day in most areas.

The regular lobster season is August 6 - March 31 and the catch limit is half what it is during the miniseason. Lobsters must be at least 3 inches long and measured in the water and no egg-bearing females are allowed to be kept.

Divers must have a saltwater fishing license ($17 for residences) and a $5 lobster stamp.

Unfortunately, every year there are stories of drownings. Individuals who have not dived for years jump in unprepared and without a buddy and the results are deadly.

Always, always, always dive with a buddy. Do that and you can have a great time in our warm water with no free of being tainted by oil.

Stay safe.

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